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              New arrival! WEIHONG NK530M high-end Standalone CNC Controller Launched

              Updata Time:2020-04-29 15:33
              15-inch screen with plenty of function buttons
              Three-section design with standalone keypad
              Customized panel with one - click operation
              Dedicated to high-precision processing for milling machine
              01 High-speed processing
              HST high speed trapezoidal algorithm, the processing performance of small line segments increased by more than 2 times, processing efficiency increased by 9%-20%
              Convergence action optimization, fast positioning superposition, time of air movement reduced greatly
              02 High-precision machining
              HPCS, High-precision Contour Smoothing
              According to Control Accuracy
              The Toolpath Track Was Smoothed
              Get the Excellent Profile
              Easy to Get Perfect Performance
              03 Friendly Operation
              New design with interaction interface
              Standard of Minimalism
              Centralization for both Operation and Information
              Avoiding Frequent Interface Switching
              Support Tool-selection Machining
              Freely Selecting the Cutting Tool Defined in the Processing File
              Revisable Starting Processing Line for Selected Tool
              Support Local Machining for one part of the Workpiece
              Support Box-selection Processing
              If Processing Graphics with Obvious Features
              To Select the Part by Mouse and Start Processing
              Easy to Operate
              Widely Used in Mould Processing
              Processing Level Setting
              Processing Called by G code
              Or Directly Set the Level in the Processing Interface
              Specific Parameters Used to for Specific Processing
              To Get Utmost Efficiency by Meeting Processing Requirements

              04 Overall Smart Solution
              Equipped with WISE Servo Drive
              Spindle Drive and Motor
              Connected with WEIHONG NcCloud, Assisted with Intelligent Production Management
              Help Customers Achieve Industrial Upgrading
              Fully Support Customization
              4G Processing File Uploaded by Second, High-speed Tapping
              High-speed 3D Simulation Technology
              Support Backup Software Reinstallation
              WEIHONG NK530M high-end Standalone CNC Controller
              Practical and Powerful

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